Indigenous Colombians: ‘We’re the ones dying’

By: Inside Story America/Aljazeera English/July 18, 2012 Indigenous people in Colombia’s southwestern region of Cauca say they have had enough of being caught in the middle of the country’s long-running civil conflict. Their leaders want government troops and members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country’s biggest rebel group, to go away …

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Mexico’s student protesters weigh next moves

By: Valeria Perasso/BBC Mundo/July 18, 2012 During Mexico’s presidential election, a group of university students voiced their frustration at what they saw as biased media coverage. Their movement, born on social media and known as #YoSoy132 (I am 132), shook up a staid campaign – but what now for the protesters? “Turn off the stupid …

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