El Hormiguero

El Hormiguero which in English translates to “Ants Nest” is the metaphor we use for the people whom through their hard work and collaboration are helping maintain or promote Latin America in this large Nest we call Canada.

“We are all many little ants working together to build a stronger nest, but we don’t have a Queen or King to protect. We have an entire culture, people and identity to defend”

El Hormiguero is a space where you will find the makers and shakers of our Latin@ community in Canada. This project brings together artists, musicians, collectives, organizations, advocacy groups, and base communities, whose work is contributing to our community at home and our community abroad.

We are looking for the people who through the arts, music, education, or advocacy are helping maintain our Latin American identity in Canada, and supporting our sisters and brothers in the south.

The nest can be used as a data base where you will find the name of the person or group of people, along with their focus of work, small description of themselves or their work, their home base, and contact information.

Education/Art /Music

Montreal, Quebec 

We are a collective of dancers and musicians who share a common vision; we dance and instruct dance as a means of counteracting violence and celebrating life. In this way, we reaffirm our commitment to the universe with attention to the present moment and to the vision of the future that we are in the process of cultivating.




Toronto, Ontario

New  Tradition explores a variety of Afrocolombian musical genres while incorporating original musical ideas influenced by Latin Urban music.New Tradition Music offers a diversity of music-related services ranging from workshops, entertainment, music production, musical instruments, and merchandise




Toronto, Ontario

The Past, Present and Future of Latin Music

Crossing the Universal Spectrum of Latin Music, with a heavy lean towards dance floor friendly sounds, Dos Mundos Radio is a journey through the Freshest sounds from yesterday, today and tomorrow.

DosMundosRadio.com is an extension of our weekly radio show, our events and our love for Latin culture from across the Americas and beyond.

Every Wednesday from 6 to 8pm EST on CIUT 89.5FM in Toronto or online at www.ciut.fm/

Every Saturday from noon to 2pm MT on 101.5 UMFM in Winnipeg or online at www.umfm.com/

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London, Ontario

Alejandro Campos debuted as a soloist, under the name Altiplano Sound (Sonido Del Altiplano) in London Ontario in 2007, to follow his inclination towards Andean music. With sounds of Sikus (panpipes) flute, charango and bombo (Andean traditional instruments) Altiplano Sound presents music from Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay. Alejandro believes that with these traditional rhythms and songs we can enjoy the cultural and artistic wealth of each country. He has also composed music inspired by Andean groups like Inti-Illimani (Chile) The Calchakis (Argentina) Inkuyo (Peru) The Kjarakas (Bolivia) among others. The Andean sound has a special effect in the human spirit and Alejandro will continue playing this wonderful music leading us into the Andes with these sounds.





Waterloo, Ontario

German H. Salamanca is a Colombo-Canadian artist that is currently obtaining a Fine Arts – Studio Specialization degree at the University of Waterloo. He moved with his family to Canada in 2005, where he continued his education at John Paul II Catholic Secondary School in London. Here he became interested in art and began experimenting with different forms of expressing his Latin culture through his artwork. German is also interested in promoting art among young children from different cultures and he has volunteered in many occasions giving free drawing lessons to children in different public libraries around London. German has participated in various exhibitions and many of his artworks represent a variety of topics.


Check out German’s most recent work at:



Ottawa, Ontario

SalvAide is a Canadian not-for-profit organization with charitable status accompanying the people of El Salvador since 1985 as they build social justice, democracy, and economic development. Based in Ottawa and with a nation-wide network of supporters, our mandate is to strengthen Salvadoran civil society; support sustainable, and diversified economic development in El Salvador; and be a catalyst for Canadian support of the Salvadoran people’s struggle for social justice.















London, Ontario

Gina Duque is an emerging artist currently attending her final year at Western University for her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours Degree. Originally from Cali, Colombia, she immigrated to Canada with her mother in 2001 to Walkerton, Ontario.

Whether it’s through painting, sculpture or mixed media, the essence of her work stems from creating mystical images inspired by my Colombian roots, personal experiences and interest in exploring the spiritual connection between the body and mind. After her recent experience with cancer, creating artworks has evolved into a spiritual and mindful practice where her works strive to emanate a sense of empowerment, ethereality and vitality.

A fascination with human biology and the mind continues to reflect in her current work, bringing focus to a philosophy that attempts to capture the spirit of these images through the use of textures and a vibrant colour palette. Although not always apparent, these images originate from deep personal experiences that are sometimes present within these abstract forms and colors.

The color saturation and patterns seen in many of her works stems from early childhood memories of walking through the street markets and shops of Cali, Colombia, seeing the colorful and intricate patterns present in everything from textiles to decoration and architecture.











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