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United in

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We identify with the concept of STUDENTS, not in the sense of being members of particular educational institution, but it rather signifies our commitment to learn, share knowledge, and also act on that knowledge learned. The term STUDENTS acts as a humble reflection of the long lasting learning process called “life”.

We come together from all corners of Canada, in order to represent our identity as Latin@s, and firmly stand in solidarity with the social movements of our region.

The acronym SURLA also makes reference to the Global SouthSUR being the word for south in Spanish. We are aware that our struggle in Latin America is shared across continents and spreads throughout the global south.


Our Story

What began as a student organization based at the University of Western Ontario (UWO), has now grown into local project with international reach.

SURLA was born in 2008 in order to represent the growing concerns of the Latin@ community at UWO. We became one of the most diverse and active student organizations on campus by bringing events that pertained to advocacy, education and social justice in the form of speaker series; debates; workshops; human rights campaigns; solidarity delegations; sports; cultural and social events

Some of highlights from our events have been:

-Arts & Culture Night

-Backpacking Latin America

-Leamingnton Delegation

-Killer Coke Campaign

-Rebel Diaz Collective Workshop


-Speaker Series: Cornel West, Wade Davis, Evelyn Encalada, Ivan Petrella, Lesbia Morales, HIJOS Guatemala, Anton Allahar…and many others

SURLA is committed to work closely with the community of London, especially with Latin American youth and newcomers from everywhere. We are seeing a dire need for honest and altruistic leadership in our community which can strengthen the capacity of our youth to become conscientious leaders of tomorrow.

We feel a sense of responsibility with our community at home, in Canada, and with our community abroad in Latin America and the global south. We want to foster the idea that the global struggle for a better tomorrow starts locally. Therefore we must unite and take care of the issues that affect our community in the same way that we must provide solidarity outside our borders.

Our new website will provide a platform for the youth to promote an alternative voice for the community. We will cover stories and content that will promote critical reflection of society and the world, in order to maintain our identity as diaspora from Latin America.

United we will strengthen our capacity to become better advocates for our community and in turn be the agents of change for a better world.