SUR LA is an organization dedicated to promoting a Latin American identity and vision of the world, through advocacy, education and social justice. Our organization brings together young Latin@s and people with an interest in Latin America alike, in order to strengthen our capacity to tackle the challenges faced by Latin America. It is our prerogative to:

  • Enhance critical thinking amongst young Latin@s and the general public on the challenges faced by Latin America
  • Encourage dialogue to promote pluralism and integrity of marginalized social groups in Latin America
  • Strengthen our capacity to engage in the sustainable development of the region
  • Promote and defend our identity, autonomy, and right of self-determination
  • Uphold an alternative view of the world where many worlds can coexist
  • Work within the framework of solidarity


Our Vision stands on three pillars:



  • Spark interest within the local community for the events taking place across Latin America
  • Promote a number of events and projects to unite the community
  • Increase the interest of youth to become engaged in the future of Latin America by presenting initiatives for solidarity work, career options, education, and ¬†sustainable¬† investment
  • Promote the experience of backpacking
  • Voice out the concerns of the youth in our community



  • Refers to our initiatives to enhance the general knowledge of the region and the culture in aspects such as history, politics, society, struggles, and language
  • We believe that by educating our members about Latin America’s past and present, we can become better and more efficient advocates for the future of the region
  • Organize educational events; academic and experiential
  • Maintain popular education strategies


Social Justice;

  • Work in solidarity with social movements, minorities, and communities in resistance
  • Bringing awareness to the challenges confronted by Latin America, in order to generate contributions for the sustainable development of the region
  • Make the connections between the injustices and inequality in Latin America, with the wealth and privilege in North America (i.e. Canadian Mining)
  • Analyze, strategize, and combat the structural injustices anywhere
  • Combat the divisions from within our community, as well as the manipulation from external forces
  • Our condition as diaspora entails a sense of responsibility with our sisters and brothers in Latin America
  • We want to work towards building a more just, and equitable Latin America