Compas is section where you can find out information about a number of communities in resistance, and organizations, working at the frontline of the struggle to generate alternatives to the notion of development across Latin America; be it social or economic.


Cooperative Nuevo Horizonte

We are part of an alternative development process that we intend to promote and cherish with everyone.

We intend to continue to build alternatives in the area of agricultural production, commerce, education, health care, communication, organizing and organizational articulation.

Our Vision for the future:

Self sustainability

  • Strengthening of local influence
  • Develop an alternative program to that of the economic waves like that Free Trade Agreements, CAFTA, and others.

The coop is responsible for the social development of the community. In this way we allow for the coop not only to grow economically but we improve the quality of life of all of the members of the community.

The coop has many services geared to its associates, as well as all the people in the community. All of our services have been built for the well-being of all the families in the community, taking into consideration the importance of each of them. These services are essential to the integral development of all members of the community, especially that of the children. Some of the most essential services we provide are: Education, Health Care, Daycare, Communal stores, Mechanization, Transportation.

Solidarity Tourism:

The years that we lived in the jungle have left us scarred and gave us a story of resistance to tell. Now through what we call “Solidarity Tourism”, we are committed to maintaining these footsteps and to prove that a community which has had tough times before can rise again.

A walk around our community and a conversation with its inhabitants will give you the perspective of how we live. Interaction between visitors and community members is for us the essence of “Solidarity Tourism”.